Highly Durable, Standard or Antimicrobial Castors and Components for Veterinary Equipment

Castors and components for veterinary equipment production including veterinary boxes, containment cages, medical stands, diagnostic equipment, operating theatre equipment and furniture, medical trolleys, dispensing trolleys, examination tables, medical partitions and screens, and animal transfer trolleys.

If you’re a veterinary equipment or furniture producer, then Guy-Raymond have the ideal castors and components for you. We have a wide range of standard castors available to suit all your veterinary unit needs, including 30mm-125mm diameter castors with a variety of braking systems, including freewheeling, footbrake and total lock. We also produce antimicrobial, conductive, stainless steel and non-magnetic castors. Optional wheel protectors, buffers (round and corner), bases, adaptor bushes and adjusters complete the range.

Key Advice and Guidance for Products

Throughout the development of your veterinary equipment, we will ensure that our products meet all of the criteria for their intended use. Your dedicated account coordinator will take the time to understand your project and recommend any special requirements, considering questions such as:

What is the application for the castor or component?

Different castors are better suited to certain uses, so by understanding what your product needs are we can ensure the best solution for you. For example, for dispensing trolleys, our 100mm and 125mm castors have ball bearings on the axle and stem, making your product easier to move around. Our smooth manoeuvre castors will provide a stable ride for our furry friends, reducing stress levels for patient and family.

Does the application have any special requirements?

In some cases, veterinary products have special requirements; such as the need for conductive castors in operating theatres, antimicrobial products to reduce the spread of infection and disease or non-magnetic components (available in a variety of sizes) for use near MRI scanners. We have a range of products to suit all needs, along with the options of stainless steel parts for ease of cleaning, strength and durability, coloured foot brake pedals for easy identification, and a range of colours and finishes.

What space is available for the castor or component?

What load capacity is required?

How frequently will the product be moved?

Questions like these will help us to find the very best castor or component for your needs, giving you the best in durability, functionality and appearance.

Standard Product Availability

You have a choice of over 3000 Guy-Raymond products which will correspond to the majority of industry requirements.

Our castors range between 30mm to 125mm diameter with either hard or soft tyres, various braking systems, conductive or antimicrobial. Wheel protectors are available to prevent damage in transportation.

Rigid and tilt glides are available in a variety of sizes and with a selection of fittings.

We have a wide range of metal or plastic tube fittings, inserts and outside fitting ferrules, in a variety of colours and size options. The plastic desk wire management inserts are a neat solution for desk cables.

Adjusters are offered with threads M6 – M16; range of heights and load capacities in either tilt, rigid or non-tilt. Our standard handwheels are black with M6 or M8 threads.

Standard products are usually despatched within 2 working days. For large orders delivery times may vary.

Bespoke Design & Customisation

Your Account Coordinator will liaise between you and our Design, Research and Development Department and guide you throughout the creation process ensuring an efficient journey from product conception to manufacture.

Please contact us to discuss customisation including: company branding and logos; RAL and Pantone colours; different finishes; antistatic / conductive or antimicrobial options.

If you require a minor or even a significant modification to our current range, for example, alternative fixings, sizes, increased load capacity or special materials, eg non-flammable, give us a call.

We are able to produce bespoke plastic or metal parts, including small quantities through to large production runs. Please do not hesitate to explore your ideas with us.

Technical and Quality

All our products are produced to ISO 9001 and the company is certified to ISO 14001. Additionally, our castors meet the necessary European Standards, including EN12529, EN12528 and EN12530.

Started in 1948, Guy-Raymond continues to expand. Our King’s Lynn site now includes a dedicated Design, Research & Development Department supported by Toolroom, Turning, Forging, Injection Moulding and Assembly Departments.

In house testing guarantees high quality results to support your project from initial design right through to production and delivery.

Helping You to Source the Right Product

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