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Adjusters Rigid adjusters Non-tilt adjusters Tilt adjusters Heavy duty adjuster Handwheels

Guy-Raymond produces several ranges of adjustable feet, suitable for a wide variety of applications. The information below provides a general overview of the range, but many different models are available; please download our components catalogue for full details. Many of these adjusters can be produced with screwdriver slots or other top forms. We also offer a selection of handwheels.

Rigid adjusters

Rigid adjustable feet are available with conical, knurled, hexagon or low height bases.

Standard threads: M6; M8; M10
Standard thread lengths: 15mm to 100mm
Base diameters: 22mm to 50mm
Load capacity: 100kg to 500kg

See pages 36-38 of the components catalogue

Non-tilt adjusters

Non-tilt adjusters (where the stem turns in the base for easy adjustment) are ideal for heavier applications where the product may need to be adjusted under load.

Standard threads: M8; M10; M12
Standard thread lengths: 25mm to 100mm
Base diameters: 25mm to 80mm
Load capacity: 500kg to 2000kg

See pages 39-41 of the components catalogue

Tilt adjusters

Tilt adjusters are fitted with stems that tilt up to 20° from perpendicular.

Standard threads: M6; M8; M10; M12
Standard thread lengths: 12.5mm to 100mm
Base diameters: 25mm to 55mm
Load capacity: 50kg to 250kg

See pages 42-46 of the components catalogue

Heavy duty tilt adjusters

Our heavy duty adjustable feet are designed for industrial applications and are available with a soft foot pad to prevent slipping.

Standard threads: M10; M12; M16
Standard thread lengths: 100mm
Base diameters: 100mm
Load capacity: 750kg to 2000kg

See page 47 of the components catalogue


A range of male handwheels for many applications including chairs and medical equipment.

Standard threads: M6; M8
Standard thread lengths: 15mm to 50mm
Handle diameters: 44mm; 60mm

See page 49 of the components catalogue

For more detailed information, please download our components catalogue.

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