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Corner buffers GRX100TL antimicrobial castor GRX30 with soft tyres Domed inserts Gold GRX7522TL castor GRX6528SQ and GRX6528SL

Guy-Raymond's latest products:

Corner buffers

In addition to our round buffers for fitting onto castors, we can now offer a choice of two corner buffers which fit directly onto the corners of trolleys, hoists or medical furniture. The buffers help to cushion any impact and avoid damage to your equipment but also to walls and skirting boards.
Please download a flyer showing these buffers for further information.

Antimicrobial castors with BioCote® technology

Guy-Raymond's bestselling GRX castors are now available as antimicrobial components incorporating BioCote® silver ion technology, to enable your products to offer permanent antimicrobial protection in care homes and hospitals.
BioCote® technology inhibits the growth of moulds and bacteria such as E.coli and MRSA and is proven to reduce bacteria levels by up to 99% in two hours. The antimicrobial additive is incorporated into the castors at the time of manufacture so that it provides continuous antimicrobial protection for the expected lifetime of the product and will not wear off or wash away.
See pages 80-87 of the GRX castor catalogue for further information.

GRX30 soft castor

Guy-Raymond is pleased to announce the launch of the new GRX30 castor with soft tyres, the latest addition to the GRX range.
With its durable polyurethane tyres, load capacity of 35kg and space saving low height (30mm), this castor is ideal for desk pedestals, tray tables and many other products.
See pages 6-7 of the GRX castor catalogue

Stainless steel fixings

A number of our threaded and circlip castor stems, as well as castor axles, are now available in stainless steel for applications where castors may be subjected to wet conditions. Castors with stainless steel parts are also suitable for MRI Conditional products.

Domed inserts

Half-moon domed inserts are now in production for round tubes in two sizes: 16 x 1.5mm and 19 x 1.5mm. These are moulded in a specially developed hard-wearing thermoplastic, and are ideally suited for angled chair legs as well as being aesthetically pleasing for applications where they are more visible.
See page 55 of the components catalogue

Gold plated wheel discs for GRX castors

Our GRX75, GRX100 and GRX125 castors are now available with gold plated wheel discs in a shiny or matt finish.
Please see our GRX castor catalogue:
Pages 55 & 57 for 75mm castors
Pages 69 & 71 for 100mm castors
Page 79 for 125mm castors

GRX65 slimline and squareline castors

The GRX65 castor is now available with "slimline" (flatter) wheels or with "squareline" wheels with more angular corners, to offer more design options.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about these products.


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