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Plastic tube fittings Inserts Ferrules

We manufacture plastic tube fittings (both inserts and outside fitting ferrules) in a wide range of sizes. The following plastic tube ends are available:


Plastic inserts are available to fit round, square, rectangular and flat sided oval tubes. The range includes heavy duty inserts which are suitable for use as feet as well as lighter products for simply closing off tubes neatly. We also produce plastic inserts with threads for easy fitting with adjustable feet.

Tube diameters: 13mm to 114mm round tubes; 12.7mm to 120mm square tubes
Threads: M8; M10; M12
Note: Angled inserts also available

See pages 54-57 and 50 (threaded inserts) of the components catalogue


Outside fitting ferrules are available for round and square tubes. This range also includes both heavy duty and light duty fittings.

Tube diameters: 8mm to 114mm round tubes; 19mm to 30mm square tubes
Note: Angled ferrules also available

See page 58 of the components catalogue

For more detailed information, please download our components catalogue.

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