High Quality, Robust Standard or Antimicrobial Castors and Components, for Medical Equipment and Furniture

Castors and components for medical equipment production including medical stands, diagnostic equipment, operating theatre equipment and furniture, hospital trolleys, dispensing trolleys, examination tables, mobile medical partition screens, hospital bedside lockers, furniture for nursing homes and care home beds.

If you’re looking for robust, durable castors for your medical equipment or furniture then Guy-Raymond have the ideal solution for you. We have a wide range of castors available designed and engineered to meet the demands of medical use. Our medical products include 30mm-125mm diameter castors with a choice of freewheeling, footbrake or total lock braking systems, antimicrobial, conductive, stainless steel and non-magnetic castors. In addition wheel protectors, buffers (round and corner), bases, adaptor bushes and glides are available.

Key Advice and Guidance for Products

Throughout the selection of your medical castors and components, we will work with you to ensure that our products meet all of the criteria for their intended use. Your dedicated account coordinator will take the time to understand your project and recommend any special requirements, considering questions such as:

What is the application for the castor or component?

Not all castors are suited to all purposes and in some cases choosing the right castor can have a big impact. For example, hospital trolleys – our 100mm and 125mm castors are designed with ball bearings on the axle and stem, making manoeuvering easier and making your product a reliable choice for hospital professionals.

What special requirements can Guy-Raymond cater for within the medical industry?

When you’re choosing castors and components for medical equipment and furniture, there are often special requirements that need to be taken into account. Examples include the need for conductive castors in operating theatres, antimicrobial products to reduce the spread of infection and disease, non-magnetic components (all available in various sizes) for use near MRI scanners, stainless steel parts for wet areas or rigorous cleaning requirements, and coloured foot brake pedals and wheel discs for easy identification. Guy-Raymond can cater for all your requirements with our range of standard and custom medical castors and components.

What load capacity is required for the castor?

How frequently will the product be moved?

For example, is it for a standard or bariatric range?

Will the product be moved around the hospital or clinic?

This will determine whether ball bearings in the castors are needed to aid mobility and improve functionality.

Asking questions like these will help ensure that your castors are ideally suited to your needs, increasing durability and maintaining a high quality end product and a more reliable, comfortable service for patients.

Standard Product Availability

Our extensive range of over 3,000 standard castors and components will correspond to the requirements of the majority of your medical equipment needs. We can also accommodate many required design functions as well as providing robustness and resilience.

Our standard medical castors are available in 30mm-125mm wheel diameter with optional wheel protectors. We can also supply buffers, bases, adapter bushes and adjustable feet. In most cases our standard castors and components are available for despatch within 2 working days. For larger orders delivery times may vary.

Bespoke Design & Customisation

Our Design, Research and Development team can assist you with the development of your medical equipment product, helping you to find a solution that meets your needs, providing functionality with bespoke options such as the addition of logos and colour categories for different equipment, patients and wards.

Technical and Quality

All of Guy-Raymond’s quality products are produced to ISO 9001 and the company is also certified to ISO 14001. Additionally, our castors meet all the necessary European standards such as EN12529, EN12528, and EN12530.

Our factory includes a Design Research and Development Department, Toolroom, Turning, Forging, Injection Moulding and Assembly Departments, enabling us to maintain the highest industry standards, from the initial development of your medical equipment castors and components, right through to product completion and delivery.


At Guy-Raymond, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest industry standard of medical furniture components. With a track record of excellent customer service since 1948, comprehensive durability testing and fast despatch and delivery, it’s easy to see why so many of our customers return to us for our wide variety of quality products.

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