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Adjusters and components for storage and racking equipment including server racks, warehouse storage, industrial catering storage and industrial catering refrigeration.

If you’re looking for adjustable feet (tilt, non-tilt, rigid, heavy duty) or metal and plastic tube fittings for your storage and racking systems then Guy-Raymond have the ideal solution for you. We have a wide range of heavy duty, high quality components for you to choose from, with extensive customisation options catering for high loads, different thread types and adjustment with a screwdriver, spanner or hexagon key.

Key Advice and Guidance for Products

Throughout the development of your storage and racking systems, we will work with you to ensure that our products meet all of the criteria for their intended use. Your dedicated account coordinator will take the time to understand your project and recommend any special requirements, considering questions such as:

What is the application for the component?

Choosing the right component for your application can make all the difference to its durability and functionality. For example, our adjustable feet have a load capacity of up to 2000kg, making them suitable for large racks for multiple servers and for walk-in fridges. We can tailor for any special requirements you may have, such as stainless steel for the catering industry, or conductivity requirements to dissipate static electricity.

What load capacity is required for the product?

What space is available for the adjuster or component?

By asking questions such as these we can help and guide you to the most suitable levelling foot or component for your specific application.

Standard Product Availability

Our extensive range of standard tube fittings and adjuster components will correspond to the majority of your storage application needs. We will help you to ensure that your products meet load capacity requirements for storage and racking by providing solutions such as stainless steel for the catering or medical industry and uneven flooring levelling solutions. Choose from adjustable feet, rigid adjusters, non-tilt adjusters, tilt adjusters, heavy duty adjusters, industrial adjusters, metal and plastic tube fittings, inserts and outside fitting ferrules.

In most cases standard adjusters and components are available for despatch within 2 working days. For larger orders delivery times may vary.

Bespoke Design & Customisation

Our Design, Research and Development team can assist you with the development of your storage and racking products, helping you to find a solution that meets your needs providing functionality with bespoke options such as screwdriver slots and other top forms for easy adjustment. The team are on hand to advise you on which components and options will best suit your storage products.

Technical and Quality

All of Guy-Raymond’s quality products are produced to ISO 9001 and the company is also certified to ISO 14001. Additionally our castors meet all the necessary European standards such as EN12529, EN12528 and EN12530.

Our factory includes a Design, Research and Development Department, Toolroom, Turning, Forging, Injection Moulding and Assembly Departments, enabling us to maintain the highest industry standards from the development of your initial design right through to product completion and delivery.


At Guy-Raymond, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest industry standards for your storage and racking solutions. With a track record of excellent customer service since 1948, comprehensive durability testing and fast despatch and delivery, it’s easy to see why so many of our customers return to us for our wide variety of quality products.

Helping You to Source the Right Product

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