Toolroom Increases Capacity

At Guy-Raymond, we needed to increase our Toolroom capacity, and having Hurco products already on site, we knew we would be getting a robust, quality piece of machinery when we took delivery of our Hurco TM8i CNC lathe.

The lathe has a 200mm diameter chuck with 64mm through chuck capacity and a 12-station tool turret. It can be programmed to machine complicated components allowing batch runs to be produced to close tolerances. The bar feeder and swarf conveyor will also allow programmes to run fully automated for small or large quantities. This saves operators time as it requires less manual interaction. As well as increasing efficiency, the lathe will reduce material waste as it is a highly accurate piece of machinery.

Programming the Hurco is user friendly and can be done on the machine or on a computer. This combined with the automated production and accuracy enables us to give our customers improved lead times.

It will also enable us to turn prototypes for special order components, create new moulds for our increasing line of innovative, quality products and produce runs of special products for customers.

The toolroom has a team of 6 people, 2 apprentices and 4 qualified toolmakers, one of whom is completing a HND L4 in Engineering Manufacture. By investing in people as well as quality machinery, Guy-Raymond will continue to provide excellence in our products and service.

Hurco CNC Lathe Hurco Lathe