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Applications for steel tube fittings:

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Steel tube fittings Steel inserts Tube ends tilt glides

The following steel tube fittings are available:

Steel tube ends

We produce both round and square steel tube inserts which can be supplied either bright zinc plated or self colour so that they can be powder coated to match your tube. A number of these tube ends are available with threads for easy fitting with adjustable feet.

Tube diameters: 19mm to 38mm round tubes; 19mm to 25mm square tubes
Threads: M8; M10

See pages 51-52 of the components catalogue

Tube end tilt glides

Tube end tilt glides are designed for tubular furniture with angled legs and tilt up to 20° from perpendicular.

Tube diameters: 19mm to 22mm round tubes
Base diameters: 25mm to 55mm
Load capacity: 50kg to 100kg

See page 53 of the components catalogue

For more detailed information, please download our components catalogue.

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