Bright upgraded canteen provides a pleasant environment for staff to take their breaks

Guy-Raymond’s canteen has always played an important part in bringing staff together and has seen a lot of changes since the early days when the company provided staff with hot meals.

In the mid 1970’s a main meal and dessert with cup of tea cost 40p !!  Even breakfasts were available for shift workers. Over the years fewer people wanted a hot meal, so the service was reduced to a selection of rolls, sweets, crisps and hot drinks.

By 2020 the canteen was ready for a radical change and Local company APS was chosen for the upgrade following consultation with staff.  The dividing wall between kitchen and seating area was removed to provide a light and modern open space, which now includes a bank of 4 microwaves, a freezer and plenty of fridge space, along with a Hydroboil providing instant boiling hot water and a TV playing the news channel.


The old school style chairs and tables have been replaced with a range of soft furnishings, as well as tables and chairs, complimented with window blinds, new carpet and vinyl flooring.  This now provides a multi-functional space, where staff can comfortably enjoy relaxing during break times, and staff meetings and training sessions can be held.

Two brand new showers have been incorporated for staff who want to cycle or run into work, or maybe clean up after work before going out.

This work has all been carried out during the covid crisis, so social distancing is in place during breaks, but once the restrictions relax it is hoped that more staff will come into the canteen and enjoy their breaks together in this welcoming space.

Guy-Raymond Canteen 2